Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The E.T.P. Elevated Thought Productions crew.
We are on the move and making big things happen.
All of the artist of the association have had their work
professionally shot, for the website and prints for sale
through the site. We are so close to having the website launch.
I can't wait for the day. We are having a giant show in
the beginning of December in Lawrence Mass which
will be a great kick start to us blending
with and showing to the public.

Some of my works shown in the metal show on Daniel Street.
Thanks to One of Twenty and Billy Kay for representing good
art, and brutal music.

These are pictures of the giant opening we had at
The Strange Brew tavern,in Manchester New Hampshire.
All of the artist had there own section to display there style
and works. The bottom picture is me talking to some cool
people about my work, I sold them a couple of prints.
It was a great show with a great turn out.

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